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3 Daily Tips - Post #7

Today's post is going to be about Balance.

Balance in your daily life, balance in your daily menu and balance exercises.

Finding balance in daily routine these days can be pretty difficult. Like I've said before, thank goodness I have a dog who requires daily walks and thankfully I can sit outdoors in a lovely garden and orchard to do my work. I also make sure to watch a movie or a tv show every day, read a book and maybe learn something new. I am trying to see how much my attention span will allow me to sit on the computer throughout the day. Now that my workouts are via zoom, it has been taking up a lot of my screen time and I am trying to get used to the new reality of "meeting" with clients virtually. That isn't easy either.

So I do my exercises, walk the dog, eat my meals, have some snacks, some are healthier than others (also balancing that out) getting some work done and getting some very much needed downtime.

My go to "less healthy" snack is chocolate. As most of you know, I go for 100% chocolate but these days I'm down to 70% every once in a while. My other guilty pleasure is our new milk frother. I make myself a chai almond milk latte every morning and sometimes once or twice in the afternoon, depending on my mood.

Now that we aren't moving so far out of the comfort of our own homes, it's super important to work on our balance. Here are 3 easy exercises that you can progress into making a bit more challenging as the days go by.

Body Tip:

Balance exercises!

Face tip:

Face massage with cold spoons!

Food Tip:

Swiss chard!

Another staple in my kitchen :)

It's full of antioxidants, it's anti-aging, protects against heart disease, diabetes, it's full of calcium and vitamin K, it helps with digestion, protects eye and skin health and has all the minerals and nutrients to keep you strong, like Popeye 💪🏻

The best way to eat it is cooked:

I sautéed it today with leek, fennel, garlic, turmeric and sesame oil.

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