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Staying Healthy in Winter

I won’t lie, I have been a bit under the weather since New Years and it isn’t fun. Sore throat, itchy eyes, a bit of an ear ache every once in a while. I drink my tea and water every day, add lots of vitamin C and try to eat lots of warm foods. One of the things I may have missed was getting enough sleep these last few weeks. So this weekend in the cold and rainy weather I stayed inside, rested up, drank plenty of fluids and read up on how to stay healthy during the winter months. Here are a few tips:

1. Get enough sleep: 7-8 hours a night at least to keep our bodies strong and less vulnerable.

2. Get enough fluids: 6-10 cups of water/tea to stay hydrated. Coffee doesn’t count 😇

3. Eat bitter greens and warming vegetables at each meal: Beets, avocado, onions, carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, arugula, radicchio

4. Keep the air you breathe clean: mix water and tea tree oil in a spray bottle and spray some in each room in your house on a daily basis, it will help purify the air. (I add it to my diffuser with eucalyptus oil.)

5. Add Vitamin C and Oregano oil to your daily supplements. I have some every morning to help strengthen my immune system.

6. Go for Acupunture! It’ll help strengthen your immune system and help you fight any illness that is coming your way.

7. Go for walks daily, it can be 20 min to an hour, fresh air and exercise is good for you! 8. Wash your hands often!

Today was filled with lots of chicken soup with hearty root vegetables, lemon/ginger/honey tea, water, oregano oil, blueberries, staying in bed under the covers and resting.

I hope everyone stayed warm and dry this weekend and that you are prepared for the rest of the winter months!

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